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August 31. A wedding and more thoughts about the X-Pro1

These bad boys did not let me down once!

No focus problems, or anything.
Not only did I get a lot of great shots with these, my shoulders and arms were just fine when I got home after the wedding reception.
Earlier on my body would be a mess after shooting for a couple of hours with a Canon 1ds mark III, but now I could run around shooting and not feel a thing.

I love the dual strap (cheap Q double strap from ebay) and u bought some new connecters, more in Black Rapid style, because the plates that comes with the Q strap are way to massive for the X-Pro1.

Fun fact/observation:
I thought that I got a lot of attention from the guests, when shooting with a huge Canon camera and a 70-200mm f2.8 lens, but no! - Try walking around with two of these beauties and you will see what attention is.
Before when guest were asking and talking to me about my gear, they were like: "Oh, yeah... I got a Canon as well" (note: I had a Canon 1ds mark III, not some Rebel)
Now guests were like: "What is that camera?! IT IS SO COOL!"
Here I am thinking a black X-Pro1 is a stealthy camera.... it's not!

I would never shoot a wedding or any paid job with just one X-Pro1 camera, but neigther would I do that with a Canon if I only had primes. I used zoom lenses for my Canon, and with those I was never too limited when leaving one camera body in my bag.
If Fuji made something like a 18-50mm f2.8 lens I would leave one of the bodies in my bag (some of the time)
It simply takes to long time to change lenses when shooting a reception.
Right now I only have the 18mm f2 and a 35mm f1.4 and a couple of manual lenses.
I might sell the 18mm and get a the 14mm 2.8, because a find the 18mm a bit too "normal" not wide enough when in a small room or in a crowd.
The 35mm f1.4 I will never sell. I love 50mm equivalent lenses and I always have.
I Can't wait for Fuji to release the 56mm f1.2, - Really need that lens for portrait stuff.
I have a manual Canon FD 50mm 1.4 that I use, but a autofocus f1.2 new designed lens would be so great!
And will i buy the new 23mm f1.4? - sure if I have the money for it. But I do prefer 50mm equavilent lenses to 35mm equavilent.

Trine and Kim were such a kind, nice couple, and very easy to work with.

Enough talk!
Here are a couple of shots from the wedding.
Any questions and comments are welcome!

(Click on picture for larger view)

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